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We may not have the power to decide when our last words will be, but we can have the power to decide what they will be. We often hear and read of tragic incidents occurring and we hope it will never happen to us but unfortunately, we have no control on how life can take a sudden turn. There is no better time to find the words to express our love, values, wisdom and guidance for those who mean so much to us. Why we should all write a legacy letter is for each individual to decide, but can be for the following reasons:

Comfort your loved ones

You have a unique opportunity to decide what your last message will be and your words can provide love and comfort to those who will be in mourning. This last message can leave an everlasting effect on your loved ones and help them to move forward. It can be something they come back to in times of trouble and when in need of guidance.

A sense of therapy

Writing a letter can provide a real sense of therapy, allowing time to reflect, heal and provide peace of mind. Reflecting on life achievements and memories, including growing up in a certain era, living through historical events or experiencing huge shifts of attitudes in society, can create a real sense of completeness.

Words for seminal moments

Your words can provide inspiration and guidance for loved ones during both tough times and pivotal life moments; it could be a message to your daughter on her wedding day, a message to your son on their first day at school or a message to your unborn grandchild. It really can be anything you want it to be.

Keeping your history alive

Tell your story to provide that link between your past and your future generations. Tell them your stories of growing up; Pass down old family values and traditions; tell stories of your parents / grandparents / great-grandparents and keep your legacy alive after you have gone.

Our Promise

Leaving a legacy letter is a powerful way to create an everlasting connection with present loved ones and your future generations to ensure your story is never forgotten and to allow your legacy to live on. We at The Legacy Letter Co. can help make this happen by guaranteeing that your letter is physically posted upon passing.

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