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At The Legacy Letter Co. you have an unlimited access to a private online account. Writing your letter is very simple and easy. At any time, you can login to either compose your letter or make amendments to existing letters. Your letter can be an ongoing experience (perhaps like a diary) or written in one session – whatever makes you most comfortable.

Pricing and Annual storage fee

There is the one-off payment for your letter(s), followed by an annual storage fee charged per annum depending on the package you buy. This ensures secure storage of your letter(s) and a yearly update emailed to you and your selected trustees. If you want to upgrade your plan to include more letters, you can do at any time and still be able to take advantage of the discount for the intended package.

1 Letter Plan - £19.95 (£3.50 p.a. storage fee)

3 Letter Plan - £49.95 (£9.00 p.a. storage fee for all 3 letters)

5 Letter Plan - £79.95 (£12.50 p.a. storage fee for all 5 letters)

7 Letter Plan - £109.95 (£15.00 p.a. storage fee for all 7 letters)

10 Letter Plan - £149.95 (£20.00 p.a. storage fee for all 10 letters) 


Registration is a straightforward process. Once you have created your online account, you can begin writing your letter(s). The next step is to nominate up to three trustees (email of trustees required), who you will give the authorisation to execute the release of your letter(s) once you have passed. We advise having three trustees to ensure your letter will always reach its intended destination, giving you extra peace of mind. It is worth noting that your trustees do not need to be an intended recipient of a letter.

The role of the Trustees

Once you have selected your trustees, an initial email will be sent to them to verify that they accept responsibility. This email details who and what The Letter Legacy Co. represents and will inform them of their role as a trustee and the process to release a letter(s) when such a time arises. This includes basic security questions and a membership number they will later use to retrieve your legacy letter. The trustees do not have access to read your letter(s). The Legacy Letter Co. values privacy, and will not disclose any details of your letter or the intended recipient(s). The trustee simply authorises the release of your letter.

Releasing your Letter

The trustee who arranges the release of your legacy letter must provide their membership number and answer several security questions. Additionally, a copy of the certificate of death must be provided to avoid any misuse of your legacy letter. At that time, the letter(s) will be posted to the intended recipient(s).


Once one of your trustees releases your letter(s), your letter(s) will be printed, boxed and delivered to the intended recipient in one of our bespoke A4 letter boxes. The cardboard box is made from recycled materials and the paper covering it is from sustainable forests.

Each bespoke box will be completed and sealed with The Legacy Letter Co. wax stamp. 


The Legacy Letter Co. was founded in order to help people. We aim to provide a completely transparent and highly confidential service. Our website is secured with SSL certificate technology, complies with all applicable laws and all personal data is stored in encrypted form.

Nobody has access to your letter until the execution of it’s release. At this point, we do not read the content and our staff are under surveillance from the moment they hit print to the sealing of the bespoke letter delivery box.

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