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Need Inpiration?

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General Guidelines

4 helpful tips for before you get started

 Little and Often

  • We find taking a “Little and often” approach the most effective. If a certain memory or idea comes to mind throughout your day, log in and make a note of it. Even if you don’t have the time to expand on the memory or idea, you can come back to it at any time.

Find a quiet space

  • Try and find a quiet space and make a conscious effort to minimise distractions as much as you can. This could include removing mobile phones from sight and ensuring social media and emails are logged off.

From the heart

  • Write completely from the heart and what comes to mind. You do not have to be the greatest writer to create a meaningful Legacy Letter. The beauty of typing your letter is that you can edit as you go along. Try not to get too concerned with writing the perfect letter. If you over-analyse it too much you run the risk of amending the warmth and personality out of the letter itself.


  • Try to use deep breathing techniques to encourage a reflective brain state. When we consciously relax and take deeper breaths, it allows the bloodstream and revitalising oxygen levels to increase, giving our bodies a boost of focus and concentration.



Unsure where to start?


  • Why am I writing this letter? Is it a message of love? A message of forgiveness? A message of guidance? How is the recipient going to be feeling at the time of receiving this letter? What advice can you give to help the grieving process? 


Your last message

  • Your letter will be the last message they will receive from you. Is there anything you truly want them to know that they can hold on to? 


Pearls of Wisdom 

  • Are there pearls of wisdom you want to tell your children or grandchildren? Or are there family values or traditions that you would like to pass on and be kept alive? What do these values and traditions mean to you?



  • Your younger loved ones are going to deal with a lot of heartbreak growing up which at the time seems so overwhelming. For example, have you ever had to deal with a break up? Do you have any positive words of support and/or encouragement you would want to share that could help?


Favourite Recipes

  • Are there any favourite recipes that you want passing down? Are there reasons why they are your favourites? i.e. did you cook these with your parents/grandparents?


Dealing with disappointment

  • Have you ever had to deal with disappointment in your life? Are there any thoughtful words or personal experiences you wish to share that could help? What did it teach you? Did you learn to grow from any certain situations?


Dealing with a bully

  • Are you worried about your loved ones ever coming across a tough situation with a bully? Have you ever had to deal with a bully? What supportive and helpful words would you want to give to loved ones that are going through this?


Wedding day

  • What guidance and sentimental words would you share to express your love and proudness on such a poignant day?


How you overcame obstacles

  • Is there anything you have done that you didn’t want to at the time but turned out to be one of your best experiences? Any advice you would give your loved ones for taking risks?


How to show humility

  • This something we learn as we age and go through life, do you have any advice that you want to give your loved ones?


During times of loneliness 

  • We all suffer from loneliness at one time in our life and it can be very overpowering. Is this something you can help with? Do you have any words of comfort to help reassure your loved ones?



  • Do you have any messages you want to leave someone on their birthday? Maybe a message on a special birthday, e.g. 18th or 21st?


New addition to the family 

  • Do you have a message for your children/grandchildren for when they have children of their own? Do you have any advice? Do you want to share your love and proudness?


Your influences growing up

  • Who or what was your biggest influence growing up?



  • What was your ambitions in life and do you feel you have achieved them? What advice would you give your loved ones with regards to them realising their ambitions?


Proudest moment

  • What is the proudest moment in your life? Why is it your proudest moment?


Historical event

  • Were you present during a historical event? How did it impact your life?


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Chronological Guidelines

Tips to write a story using Chronological guidelines

The below are only meant to be helpful tips to give your inner-memory and creativity a jump start. We advise that you let the words flow and if you need a helpful hint, to look at the below. Write what comes in to your head, you can always delete it later on, but it’s likely once you start writing the memories will come flooding back.


Family memories

  • What your Mother was like? what your Father was like? Did either of them work? Older brothers or sisters and how your relationship was with them? Did you have any extended family? I.e cousins, were you close to your extended family? Etc…

Home you grew up in

  • Was there anything interesting to it? Did you share your room? Did your family host events? Etc…

First Childhood Pet

  • Name and type and any interesting stories

First School

  • Name of the school, best friend at school, were you on any school teams? Or involved in any school plays? Are there any particular memories of you and friends at school?


Teenage Years

Family memories

  •  Family holidays? Were there any new additions to the family, i.e. making you the older sibling?

Free time

  • What was your greatest interest. What did you do to fill your free time, i.e. did you join a sports team or theartre group?  

School memories

  •  What secondary school did you go to? What was it like? Any interesting stories from your childhood from school days? Who were your school friends?

Young love

  •  Who was your first girlfriend / boyfriend? Were they your first love? How did you meet? What did you do on your first date?


  •  What was the music of the time? What was your favourite song and why? What tracks take you back to this time when you listen to them and why? If you played an instrument, were you still playing it? 


Early Adulthood

Family memories

  •  Were there any new additions to your family? Younger siblings, step-parents and step-siblings, nieces and / or nephews? Family holidays?


  •  Did you go to University? What did you study? Did you join any extra-curricular societies? Name of friends? Did you do an apprenticeship or other skill-based education? What did it teach you?

Love interests

  •  Did you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Did you live with them? What did your family think of them?


  •  Did you get married? What was it like? How did you meet? How was it meeting her parents? Where and how did you propose/they propose?

Where did you live

  •  Did you still live at home? Did you move away? Who did you live with? What was your home like during your early adulthood life?

Holidays and Travel

  •  Did you go on holiday during this time? Did you go anywhere on an extended travelling trip? Where did you go? What did you discover about yourself?

Free time

  •  What did you do in your free time? Did you play sports? Did you have any hobbies?


  •  What was the music of the time? What was your favourite song and why? What tracks take you back to this time when you listen to them and why? Did you play an instrument?


  •  What was your job? Was it your first job on a step of a career ladder? Was it a job you always wanted growing up? What were the people who you worked with like? What did it teach you in life?



Family memories

  •  Did you get married? What was it like? How did you meet? How was it meeting her parents? Where and how did you propose/they propose?


  •  Did you have any children? Did you adopt? What did having children teach you? How did they impact your life? What was it like with little ones growing up? What were your proudest moments? Is there anything you would have done differently? Is there any advice you can give to your loved ones on raising children?

Home you lived in

  •  Where was it? What was it like? Was there any particular reason you chose to live where you did?

Work life

  •  What job did you have? Was it the same as the one you had when you left school/university? If not, why had it changed? Did you change careers? Were you in charge of people? What did that teach you in life?


  •  What was the music of the time? What was your favourite song and why? What tracks take you back to this time when you listen to them and why? If you played an instrument, were you still playing it?


  •  What were your hobbies as you got older? Did you still get involved in activities such as sports, or had that changed in some way (i.e. playing football to coaching football). Is there any advice on your hobbies you want to pass down? I.e. if one of your hobbies was cooking, recipes you used that you want kept in the family?


  •  Did you have a particular family car? Does it hold any memories for you?

Holidays and Travel

  •  Were there any family holidays that stick out in memory? Did you make friends on holiday? What was it like taking children away? Did you go anywhere that stands out as a happy place for you and your family?



Retirement Years

When you first retired

  •  How did it feel? Did you miss work? Was retiring a hard decision?

Family memories

  •  Still married? Describe a few times you have had with your wife/husband and why your marriage as stayed as strong as it did. Separated? – is there something you want to pass on to your loved ones? What your relationship is like with your children? Do you see them much? What advice would you give to them now you have hit this stage of your life?


  •  Do you have any Grandchildren? How has that impacted your life? Your emotions when they were born? What advice do you want to leave them?


  •  What have you done to fill the void left by leaving work? Do you do them together with your wife or husband?

Looking back

  •  Now you are at this stage of your life, is there anything you would have changed? Is there any advice that you want to part on your future loved ones?

How you will be remembered?

  •  What would you want your grandchildren’s children to know about you? How would you want to be remembered? Are there values or traditions that mean a lot to you in life that you want passed on?


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