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  • Can I change the intended recipient and the address my letter is sent to?

    We understand that there could be a reason why you may want to change the intended recipient and address the letter gets sent to. However, for security reasons you will be required to provide your account number (given to you on sign up) and to answer a number of security questions.

  • Can I change my trustees?

    Unfortunately for security reason this is not possible.

  • Do I need three trustees?

    Your trustees are the only people who can activate the release of your letter once you have passed. We therefore recommending nominating three to ensure your letter gets released. However, if you wish you can nominate only one or two. We highly advise that you nominate three trustees whom you trust and when you have nominated them, speak to them explaining why you have decided to send a legacy letter.

  • What happens if TLLC’s servers’ crash?

    All content is backed up daily and the servers are constantly monitored for any issues. In the rare event of a server outage, then our network team respond immediately to isolate and repair the fault in the quickest time possible.

  • What if I miss my annual storage fee?

    We charge a storage fee of £3.50 (p.a. storage fee). This is paid annually on the anniversary of your purchase of your letter. The payment is taken out using the same method as you paid the original purchase price. If you miss a storage payment, a reminder will be sent, giving you 14 calendar days to make the payment. If no payment is forthcoming within the 14 days, we will suspend your account for 3 months until the payment has been made. If the payment has not been made within the 3 months, your account will be cancelled.

  • Does TLLC read my letters?

    We absolutely do not read a single word on the letter. When you purchase the letter, you will provide the name of your intended recipient and their address so we will not need to look at the letter to see who it’s going to. We will take every possible step to make sure that your letter is placed in the gift box immediately after being printed. We as a company have a passion for legacy letters and know first-hand that privacy is key. We also adhere to all data privacy laws in place as set out in our Data Privacy Policy.

  • Who owns the letter I write?

    You own your letter and you will be the only person who will know the content within it. You will have complete control and will be able to amend or delete anything you have written. Whenever a document is saved, it will be saved on our database and previous versions will be deleted.

  • If I need help? What should I do?

    We appreciate that a Legacy Letter can be anything you want it to be and for this very reason, it can be daunting when you first sit down at a blank screen. We have provided some helpful tips on where to start depending on what you want to write about. However, we advise taking your time and before you start to type, have a clear reason why you are writing your letter and what you want it to achieve.

  • Are we a Non-profit or for-profit organisation?

    We feel we are best described as a “Socially conscious For-Profit organisation”. What we mean by this is that whilst we are making a profit, it isn’t our sole aim for the business. From personal experience we know how important a legacy letter can be, both for the person writing it and the person receiving it. We want as many people as possible to experience the positive impact it can have. We do charge a price, but we have set that price at what we feel is affordable but also covers our day-to-day running of the business.

  • How Secure is my account and content?

    We use the latest techniques to ensure that your data is as protected as possible. It is fully encrypted during submission of any data. Servers are constantly monitored for any attempts to access data and a comprehensive firewall is in place.

  • Is a Legacy Letter a legal document?

    A legacy letter is not a legal document. It is not a last will and testament and cannot be used to distribute your property. It can accompany a legal will by allowing any confidential details that you would rather keep private, remain private.

  • Why send a legacy letter using The Legacy Letter Co?

    We as a company believe in legacy letters and want the world to write them to their loved ones. For this reason, we have set up this service to ensure that your letter will get to it’s intended destination. Unfortunately, we have heard countless examples of letters getting lost on the way or of a person passing before finishing or telling anyone where their letter is stored. With our service, you will be able to log in any time, any where and amend or add to your letter. As a company we ensure that once the letter release is activated, it will be sent to the intended recipient at the provided address straight away. 

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